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Resources in your community


活跃的圆圈:Develops and supports programs for Aboriginal youth and communities to become active and healthy through sport and recreation.

Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability:Information on制作游乐场and how to provideafter-school opportunities活动搜索可以根据能力定制。

Boys and Girls Club of Canada:可访问的运动和娱乐编程locations across Canada

加拿大妇女在体育和体育活动的进步协会(caaws)On the Move:参加和领导运动和体育活动的女孩和年轻女性(9-18岁)的资源。List of workshops在加拿大定期提供。

加拿大残奥会委员会的Find an Activity Tool:有残疾人的人的可搜索数据库。

Canadian Parks and Recreation Association(CPRA)Everybody Gets to Playinitiative makes recreation more accessible for low-income children and their families.


Girl Guides:主动编程为女孩。

Heritage Canada:完整列表运动组织那including国家体育组织

Leisure Information Network’s国民Recreation Database:按年龄组搜索和主题列表机会和资源。


特别奥运会加拿大Dedicated to enriching the lives of Canadians with an intellectual disability through sport.

童子军加拿大:5beplay提款次数过多 - 26岁的男孩,女孩和年轻人的计划。

Trans Canada Trail:A pan-Canadian trail where Canadians can hike, cycle, ski, horseback ride, canoe and snowmobile.


ymca.Overnight and Day Camp:为低收入家庭提供财政援助,将孩子送到营地。


Alberta Centre for Active Living:身体活动咨询工具包。

Ever Active Schools:提供physical activity ideas

Healthy Alberta:有关积极和想法的信息,让孩子们活跃。


Action Schools! BCPlayground Circuit每所学校在线获得作为PDF。

不列颠哥伦比亚省Medical AssociationHealthy Kids - Eat Well, Play Well, Stay Well programhas resources on healthy, active living.

Healthlink BC的身体活动服务:Free over-the-phone counselling resource for physical activity & healthy living information. Phone lines are staffed with exercise professionals trained to prescribe exercise to people of all ages and abilities, including individuals with chronic medical conditions.


BC市政联盟:Links to municipalities, which can provide information about opportunities in your area.



After The School Bell Rings: A Manitoba After School Recreation Project:7-12岁儿童的学校健康活跃计划后。

曼尼托巴政府:Includes acommunity lookup tool,这可以将您联系到您的市政,为您提供有关您所在地区的机会的信息。


Sport Manitoba:Links to more than 100运动组织in Manitoba.哄骗helps remove financial barriers to participating in sport.


Government of New Brunswick:与城市,城镇和农村村庄的联系,可以提供有关您所在地区的机会的信息。

Healthy Eating Physical Activity Coalition of New Brunswick:A network of organizations and individuals working together to promote healthy active living.


纽芬兰和拉布拉多Government:Allows users to search for contact information for their municipality.

Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador:Links tobeplay提款次数过多,以及阿里纳斯和水产设施。


西北地区市和社区事务:Lists all communities and provides contact information for these areas.

西北地区政府:Offers funding for a range of programs, includingActive After School娱乐和运动捐款计划Regional Youth Sport Events Program, 和别的。


Nova Scotia

生态行动中心We Often Walk (or Wheel)那T.he “WOW” program, offers resources to promote walking to school.

Heart and Stroke Foundation’s一步:资源为初中的学生和活动为特色。资源有英文和法语。

博士的新星斯科舍省儿童竞选俱乐部:A program that instills the importance of regular physical activity in children so they form habits that become part of their everyday lives as adults.

Recreation Nova Scotia:Includes a map with links to当地娱乐

Sport Nova Scotia’s课后计划:A physical activity program delivered Monday to Friday (3-5pm) at participating Nova Scotia schools to children grades three to six.


新斯科罗基市联盟:Links to municipalities, which can provide information about opportunities in your area.


Recreation and Parks Association of Nunavut:Includes contact information for territorial sport organizations.



市政安大略省的协会Links to municipalities, which can provide information about opportunities in your area.



安大略省社会体育活动的推动者Public Health:通过参与,教育,宣传和战略联盟促进身体活动。


Federation of Prince Edward Island Municipalities:Links to municipalities, which can provide information about opportunities in your area.

Go! PEI:一个健康的生活挑战,提供免费活动和计划。beplay提款次数过多

Recreation PEI:Promotes and encourages recreation and physical activity.


萨斯喀彻温公园和娱乐协会After-School Time Period Program Directoryallows parents to find recreation-based after-school programs.

Saskatchewan in motion:Province-wide movement aimed at increasing physical activity.


萨斯喀彻温公园和娱乐协会:Includes information and resources onyouth fitness leadershipand积极运输


Kids Recreation Fund:Helps disadvantaged children and youth participate in organized sport, art, cultural, social and recreational programs.

Sport Yukon:Links to territorial sport governing bodies, clubs and associations who offer a variety of sport, recreation and other community based programs.

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