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Social Paediatrics

The social paediatrics community within the Canadian Paediatric Society grew out of a common belief that while paediatricians highly value the psychosocial aspects of patient care, there is a need for a distinct focus on social paediatrics.

Social paediatrics has roots internationally, and in Canada has largely blossomed in Quebec under pioneer Dr. Gilles Julien. His philosophy centres on the rights of the child as described in the UN Convention. Dr. Julien’s inter-sectoral, community-based approach shows that we can rally together to battle toxic stress, adverse childhood experiences and mitigate the ill effects of the social determinants of health.

The Social Paediatrics Section will bring together clinicians, researchers, advocates and educators to share, collaborate and learn with and from each other. We also plan to continue along the path carved by the CPS strategic plan, which identifies a strong commitment helping members incorporate an approach to social determinants into daily practice.

Section fee: $25

Section Executive

总统,Shazeen Suleman
Past-President,Sarah Gander
Vice President,Yasmine Ratnani
Member at Large,Katrina Stockley
Member at Large,Christine Loock

Last updated:Sep 10, 2020